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by: Anonymous

a bridge is possible, but as your periodontist said, tooth substance must be educed at the adjacent teeth. I rather would do a bone graft and a new implant. I guess you lost your last implant due to periimplantits,oral hygiene should be improved for the next implant.

Update to my situation
by: melynn2

An update to my situation, turns out I AM ALLERGIC TO TITANIUM. And all periodontists out there should take a moment and actually really listen to their patients. I understand that my situation was an anomaly, however I did voice my concern to them on several separate occasions, and I was always met with being ignored.

2 failed implants later just to learn this. And since they pressed on with the second implant, my insurance coverage is now spent, and they now refuse to cover a bridge in that area. When if my periodontist and dentist would have actually listened to my concerns in the first place after the first implant failed and done a simple allergy test, a year of my life and aggravation over this whole process would have been avoided.

What's worse is now not only am I now in the middle of having a bridge done, which should have been done after the first implant failed, I'm also left holding the financial bag as well. And all they could professionally offer me was an apology, and a mildly reduced rate. Well they have been paid and I am still stuck in the middle of this process and I still have to pay 3K for a bridge.

How did you get the test done? I think I may be allergic too NEW
by: Another concerned patient

I just read your post and I'm sorry you've had to go all of this. I also went through the process of having two implants in the front of my mouth due to a failed root canal stemming from someone hitting me in the tooth with a fist fill of rocks and sand when I was also 8. I had the implant put in a little while back and the two teeth a couple of months back. There is a metal band on the back of my teeth and the tip of my tongue is inflamed. I think it is from touching the metal and doesn't feel like a coincidence. After hearing your story though, I'm also worried that the implant in my bone will fail since, according to x-rays, while there is no infection, the bone is not healing very well. Therefore, what test did you get?

I feel your pain NEW
by: Tammey

Oh my gosh your story sounds so familiar. I had an implant three years ago on #9 tooth. Not long after I started having constant drainage from the front of my mouth. Went back to the periodontist and of course he looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if I might be allergic to something he used. Everything he did was fine he said. Now 3 years later I am constantly in pain, constant drainage etc. Went to a dentist today who said he doesn't think the implant ever fused and I have been having drainage from constant infection. Now I have to get the implant out which will cost lots of money. I called the Dr who put it in and he will take it out for free if he feels nothing is wrong with it. Of course I don't think he will admit it didn't work. So removing implant, bone graft and 3 tooth bridge will be around $3500.00. This on top of the original $2800 for the implant. I wish I knew what a horrible experience this was going to be. I would have never done it.

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