by Willow
(Daytona Beach, Fl.)

My 17 year old son knocked out two teeth a week ago. We had consultation appointments with two different dentists today and received VERY different advice.

The first recommended we let his mouth heal for 8 weeks. When we see him in 8wks, we will discuss temporary implants until we are positive he is done growing and will do the implants during his senior year of HS. The 2nd dentist told me he would put two implants in right after the 1st of the year and take his wisdom teeth out at the same time.

I expressed my concern about growth (only because of what the other dentist told me) and he said it doesn't matter and that he has put implants in 14 year olds. The 1st of the year is only one month away.

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Is any of them a specialist
by: Anonymous

Is any of them a specialist?
Oral surgeon or perio are the most experienced, you shuold consult with one of them.
Usualy 17 year old is the appropriate age to receive implants.
With no clinical info at hand I would not rule out immidate placement of implants at all.
Bone quality and volume will dictate if immidate placement is the right option.

ive implants myself NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't know what happened with your son, but it became clear for me that I would need implants when I was 13 years old. My dental surgeon told me I should wait until I have stopped growing completely, and being a late bloomer I had my implants installed in the same procedure in which they pulled my wisdom teeth, all at the ripe age of 21. I think it would be a bad bad idea to get implants before he is done growing.

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