Continual numbness in my lower right lip

by Betty
(Syracuse, UT USA)

The prep work for 3 implants was done 2 months ago. One implant screw is near a nerve in my lower right jaw. I am in continual numbness in my lower right lip. Should the dentist loosen the screw to relieve the numbness because I don't think it is going to go away after the tooth is put in?

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by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Betty,

Most likely your dental implant has nothing to do with the numbness felt around your mouth. As your dentist should have informed you (and you probably signed a consent form), any dental treatment or injections can at some times cause a rare side effect of numbness in the face due to nerve damage. Sometimes this is due to the injection that you received for the treatment. It may wear off in months to years, there is no way to know. Loosening an implant would not correct the problem. NEW
by: Anonymous

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