Cost of bottom denture for implant

by Anita
(Perth Amboy, NJ)

My dentist told me that it would cost $5,000.00 to make a full bottom denture for the four implants. My lower denture will not stay in place even with paste. This is why I opted for the implants. My insurance company will not pay for the denture since they consider it to be cosmetic surgery.

I wanted to know if this would be considered cosmetic surgery and if $5,000.00 seems like a great deal of money for a lower denture.

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lower denture
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Anita,

If the cost is including the implants themselves, that is why the cost is about what he quoted you. You could always look up another implant specialist for a consultation on their implant fee.

Your insurance may deny coverage on another denture for you if you had the last one made fairly recently. Many times there is a clause that prevents them paying for certain procedures unless it's been 3, 5, 10 years, etc. In their mind, a denture should last you X years and they won't pay for another one to be made. If the denture was never made correctly in the first place you could possibly fight this with your insurance company to get them to cover it. Talk with a supervisor at your insurance company, or send them a notarized letter asking for them to reply within 30 days.

Until you're able to have your implants placed, you might ask your dentist about relining the denture for you, to see if that helps.

Lower costs
by: Seth Rosen

That is a fair amount. In our area 4 implants and a lower denture cost $2500-$3500. There is a guy advertising on the net for implants $299 or something. Give the a call.

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Cost of bottom denture for implant NEW
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