Cost of Dental Implants?

I am curious to find out the cost of Dental Implants?

Alice J.

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dental implant cost
by: Anonymous

From the surgical implant stage to the restoring it could cost anywhere from 1500 to about 3000 dollars and up depending upon your doctor and the type of implants he is using.

Dental Implants cost $$$$$
by: Anonymous

Dental implants can be a costly procedure. An entire team of professionals is often needed to deliver a long-lasting smile. Implant procedures demand a great deal of the doctor's and staff's time and effort.

The prosthodontist intensely studies your health profile, and then develops a plan to meet your unique needs. Additionally, surgical staff and the laboratory perform several services to produce the desired result.

The materials used to construct implant prosthodontics are also very expensive. Bone grafting, if needed, is additionally costly.

While a basic implant is typically $1,250. - $3,000., depending on your circumstances additional costs for things such as in the case of a posterior mandible, bone regeneration, sinus elevation, and wide diameter or narrow diameter implants quickly escalate to as much as $15,000 to $30,000. for the complete procedure for the upper or lower jaw.

Tenba Rosh

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