Could I assume my jaw finished growing?

My front tooth turned bad a while ago and I never went to see a dentist because I was scared. When I finally went for the first time, my dentist said he could save the tooth but he wanted to extract other teeth first. Now he's left it nearly 5 months and thinks he won't be able to save it anymore, so says he'll have to take that out too.

I'm only 16, so I hardly want to have a gap where people can see it! At first, he told me he could fit a permantent tooth (I assume he meant a bridge), but then after that he said I'd have to have a plate, because my jaw might not have finished growing yet.

Obviously, I don't want a partial denture. I haven't grown at all since I was 12, so could I assume my jaw finished growing? Could I have a bridge? If I did, would it look natural, and would I have a temporary tooth fitted between extraction and the bridge being fitted?
Can I even have a bridge fitted on the NHS, especially seeing as it's sort of his fault for leaving it so long to fix?

If you think NO to a bridge, and I need a partial denture, again would I be able to have something fitted straight away?

Thanks for any answer in advance!

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Jaw Growth NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

It is wise to wait at least until 18 if not 20 years of age before placing an implant. Implants are the most "natural" functional tooth replacement that you could choose...but I would recommend waiting until you did this. If it were me what I would do would be to get a flipper or partial to wear for just a few years, then get dental implants to replace the missing teeth.

For you to be so young and already have lost so many teeth, you also need to address your diet and oral hygiene habits. Limit soft drinks to one per day, with a meal. Water all other times. Brush at least twice a day for 2 minutes and floss under the gumlines around each tooth. If you have rampant decay and gum disease, you will not be an ideal candidate for implants.

Reply NEW
by: Sam

The growth of the jaw will be stopped when reaching a particular age. The age will vary for all people. I think it depends on many factors. So we could not assume that our jaw finished growing. Consulting a good dentist we could easily clear this doubt.

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