Could I be sensitive to the porcelain crown material

by karen
(urbana, il)

Two years ago , I had 6 dental implants done after some old post and crown restorations broke and to replace a missing tooth. The final crowns placed on most of my upper jaw about one and a half years ago. After the final crowns (6) were placed, the dentist re-made some and did some adjustments because the fit and appearance were not good.

The shape of the upper jaw was still unnatural and the side of my tongue and my upper lip were irritated and a year later he agreed to redo three adjacent crowns that were apparently causing problems. The temporaries he made at this point were a huge improvement and I could talk comfortably for the 2 weeks they were in place. I thought the problem was solved.

He then placed the new permanent crowns using temporary cement for a week to test them out. I had a little irritation, but much less than with the first set of crowns.

Three weeks ago he permanently cemented those same crowns and I am miserable. My lips feel raw and sore all the time and front half and one side my tongue and lips are irritated by speaking. This began about half an hour after I left his office and has not improved.

Could I be sensitive to the porcelain crown material? ( I've had crowns without problems for decades, though) Is this a placement or fit issue? All of the crowns he did seem to be angled outward (food gets trapped along the gumline every time I eat). The first teeth on the side seem to touch my lips and maybe spread my mouth a little.
I don't know what to do about this.
How could the same crowns be placed so differently that it causes so much discomfort?

The dentist has done all the remakes and refits without extra charge. I don't want to put him through more expense and time if it doesn't solve the issue, but this is really messing up my life.

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Sensitivity NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Karen,

I have never, ever heard of a patient that was allergic to the ceramic material. I have, however, heard of patients being allergic to certain types of metal restorations. The porcelain is usually fused to a metal, but if you did fine with the temporary cement then this would not be the issue.

What it sounds like is a sensitivity to an ingredient in the permanent cement. I have never run across this, but this is most likely the problem. In this case it would be best to have the crowns removed if the symptoms persist, and then cemented with the temporary cement.

Otherwise it may be a reaction to topical anesthetic, latex or other material used during your procedure. Allow about 2 weeks of discontinuing any new products (toothpaste, etc.) to make sure it isn't something you're usinga t home.

irritation from crown material NEW
by: Anonymous

I just recently went thru 4 weeks of hell with an irritation to my tongue, lips and roof of mouth all due to a new material my dentist used to make my crown.
I mouth was like it was on fire all the time and it started with a metallic taste and got worse as time went on.
I was put on a special mouth wash and the crown replaced.
My tongue lips and roof of mouth are still very irritated and hopefully in time it will go away.

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