Cover screw fell of implants

by Timour nusirat

What should I do - Cover screw fell of implants. What are the repercussions of not getting them replaced? I live at UAE and my doctor in Jordan s I cant see him before 3 moths. I called him and he told me that it is OK and to worry about it. Is it true that I should not worry about it or should I take care of the problem ASAP?

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Cover Screw
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Timour,

That was great you were able to contact your dentist while you are away. I would agree with him, that I would not worry about it for now. Make sure you keep it in a safe place where you will not lose it, and bring it back to him or another dentist at your earliest convenience. There may be someone near you that is able to take care of it as it should be a simple procedure.

Terrible dental implant experience in Oman NEW
by: Anonymous

The problem to start with is this: there is NO motivation to have personal responsibility in the Gulf. Therefore, if a dentist messes up, it's just considered "bad luck" (or God's will). My dental implant is more than 2 years old and has been complete trouble for that entire time (with dentists constantly brushing me aside, INSISTING that my pain was imagined because I just wanted attention!!!). The pain, BTW, was eventually found to have valid sources. It has been COMPLETE negligence on the dental community's part (too many events to list here), ending with embarrassment on their part .....and the last dentist intentionally trying to destroy my implant because I was talking ill of his friend who did the implant. This last dentist (a dental college professor, no less!), while simply cutting away at my gum to make room for the screw cap that had fallen off, put his entire body weight into SAWING HARD on the implant -- TOTALLY unnecessary! -- thus, damaging the implant. (The desire to avenge one's friends and colleagues is clearly a POWERFUL force.) He may have succeeded. Time will tell. What a shame that personal pride and professionalism (not to mention religious morals) SOMETIMES seem not to be anywhere in the region.

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