Create a temporary crown to cover the abutment...

by Lisa
(Milford, MA USA)

In Oct of 2010, I had oral surgery to remove my last lower molar on my left side and also had a bone graft. On May 21st, 2012 I had a short implant installed to replace that molar. Since the surgery and bone graft in 2010, the facing top molar had dropped slightly.

Yesterday, I had my abutment installed. The dentist made adjustments to the height of the abutment due to the top molar drop, I think using a file type instrument, leaving the abutment with a rather sharp edge. The bottom of my tongue is sore now from scraping against the abutment. While I was in the office yesterday, I asked the dental assistant if the dentist would create a temporary crown while the lab was creating the permanent crown. She said that they don't normally make temporary crowns while the lab is creating the crown for the implant. It will be over a week until I return for my crown installation.

Is this a normal process to adjust the height of the abutment in this manner and not create a temporary crown? Can the dentist create a temporary crown to cover the abutment so that my tongue does not scrape against the abutment?
I have been happy with this dentist's work in creating a crown for me, which was done earlier in May 2012 on the molar in front of the implant, and covered by insurance. The implant and crown were a promotion and not covered by insurance.

Please advise ASAP.

Thank you,

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Abutment Cover NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Lisa,

It is not normal to place a temporary crown over an abutment when performing an implant. Temporary crowns are not fabricated in a way where they can fit over an implant abutment. If one WAS put on, it would not withstand normal use and would probably come off when you were chewing, and could possibly damage other teeth.

If there is a rough area on the abutment, just have your dentist adjust it for you. You will not be going much longer without the crown!

Good luck,


dental tech for 30 years. NEW
by: sergio

NO temporary crown!!! what dentist are you dealing with?? All implant company have temporary abutments it is easy for the laboratory to construct a temporary crown in matter of hours.

Permanent crown NEW
by: Dennis

In some cases the doctor will not suggest temporary crown. After the root canal treatment the infected teeth will be filled with Web Based EHR temporary solution. And they will measure the teeth to make permanent crown.

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