Crest Widener Surgery Video

The Crest Widener is used to widen a narrow alveolar crest which has sufficient height for implantation. With this technique, bone augmentation is avoided, the implant is placed in the correct lateral position and sufficient attached gingiva is obtained.

In addition, the Crest Widener can be used to allow easy distal or mesial orthodontic movements of the molars.

The advantages of using the crest widener :
1. Mucosal distraction leads to sufficient attached gingiva and soft tissue cover (Distraction Histiogenesis).
2.The transported bone is not stripped from periostium, therefore - no post-operative bone resorption.
3. Simple, short, minimal traumatic procedure.
4. No pain or morbidity at donor site.
5. Less technique-sensitive.
6. Implant placement is possible after extremely short post-operative period (5-8 weeks).
7. The procedure is easily performed in a dental office.
8. Minimally compromised aesthetics.
9. Encourages ideal lateral implant placement when needed.
10. Facilitates easy orthodontic movements of molars.

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