Crown Discomfort and Pressure

I had a crown placed on my implant last week. When the dentist put it on before he cemented it, I felt extreme discomfort and pressure in my sinuses and it felt too big and there was pressure being put on the teeth in front and in back of the crown.

After a lot of fussing and shaving, he got it to a point that was relatively comfortable (so I thought). The next day I woke up with a sinus headache on that side and pain in my mouth. I called to go back in and have it checked. My appointment was a few days off and the sharpness of the pain subsided, but I still had a dull sinus headache and discomfort. I can't eat on that side. When I went in he tried to remove the crown but it was glued on very tight. He said he used temporary cement so I assumed it could be removed at any point but the banging and pulling were making me crazy so I asked him to stop for fear that he might do some damage to the implant or my other teeth. I made an appointment to go back to the specialist who placed the implant. I have not gone to see him yet. The dull headache is still there, I can't eat on that side and I noticed that my cheek feels pain too(it feels irritated). Has anyone ever had this happen and what do you think it is?

Thank you.

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Get IOPA Done

Get x-ray of that area ,there are number of reasons: improper crown fabrication, implant positioning. It's tough to tell without clinical picture or xray

Crown came loose
by: Anonymous

I had an implant on front tooth in June 2010. Due to financial reasons I waited until this February to have a permanent crown put in. I finally had the permanent crown put in this past March. When I left the dentist's office he told be I should be able to bite into anything.

Within days of it being put in the crown came loose. I went back to his office he took ex-rays and said everything looked fine, but agreed the crown is loose. He said because my bite wasn't quite right the screw probably became loose. Should this have happened? Because my front crown is loose I also feel a lot of discomfort is this normal as well?

I have similar problem NEW
by: Anonymous

For me to do the implant was a bigger mistake of my life. Final result is annoying pain, discomfort, sinus, headache and I think recently slight smell. Total cost for my tooth #12 is over $6000!
X-ray shows nothing and only slight bone loss. Crown got loose and it was drilled through... Hell..
Looking for help. I am going crazy

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