Crown is too short for the abutment?

by Linda Castano
(Lake Worth, FL)

I just had an implant crown put on a week ago. I can see a hair line of the metal exposed under the crown. Could this be the crown is too short for the abutment? I'm waiting for 2 more implant crowns to put on. I would like to have this answer and problem resolved before the other 2 crown arrive.

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Crown Too Short
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Linda,

The metal that you see on the crown is most likely just the porcelain fused to the metal that is used to construct the crown. This can be very common and is nothing to be concerned with. Other times if gums have receded farther than they should then the metal might be more visible. Just make sure to mention it to the dentist so that when the lab constructs the other crowns they will be to your liking...especially if they are in the front of the mouth. If they are farther back then it is nothing to worry about because only your dentist is ever going to see.

Thanks NEW
by: Victor

No, you are absolutely mistaken about this. This is not because the crown is too short to fit the abutment; it has to be the line where the crown is fused to the metal used to make the implant. for more information

Amazing post NEW
by: Arsalan

If crown is too short then it's the requirement while implanting. You don't worry about it because doctor know better than you. if you don't satisfy then must talk with your doctor who can guide in a better way about this issue. Actually, i got a link which is which have almost similar stories of some person but i feel lucky to get information about teeth here.

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