Crown on mini dental implants is moving

by David Ervin
(Philippi,WV USA)

Crown on mini dental implants is moving:

My wife had 2 mini dental implants placed in the positions of her 2 upper canines. This was only the dentists second experience placing the mini implants.

I observed the procedure and the dentist had problems with the right side. She placed the stent and drilled the pilot hole and was required to remove the implant and redirect it 3 times before she was satisfied with the placement. At one point the implant exited the bone thru the gum on the anterior side. The left side implant seemed to align properly with the stent and only required one attempt to place. The dentist then used cement to attach the crowns.

My question is : both crowns feel slightly loose. I am wondering if they will tighten as the bone heals around the mini implants? It is also a little odd that the crown on the left that the dentist had no problems with is looser than on the right with required 3 redirects into the bone. Thank You!

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Loose Mini Implant
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Dave,

I'm not sure how long it's been since your wife had the mini implants placed, but it takes months for bone around traditional implants to form and heal to the point where a crown can be placed on them. WIth mini implants you will still have some healing and bone development that needs to take place. As long as there are no signs of infection I would not worry. Do not attempt to move the tooth or wiggle it, and keep seeing your implant surgeon for follow ups as needed. With mini implants it is good for people who cannot have normal implants due to the lack of bone. This may be the case for your wife, and it could take more time.

Loose minis
by: David Long CDT

Mini implants in a canine and immediate load? Very risky. Canines take a lot of load.If they don't intergrate I suggest removing minis, grafting and doing it with standards.

consult the doctor again and scold him NEW
by: denni

This is because the crown was not the correct size for you. The crown should exactly fit into the dental implant. It should not have even a bit of a space. If there is space then the whole implant process is a failure. Meaningful Use

Dental Implants NEW
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