Crown sits too high on dental implant

by Melissa

Crown sits too high on dental implant - what can we do?

My son had extensive surgery with bone grafting due to an OKC cyst. The oral surgeon later placed a dental implant because he lost his 3rd molar in the process of removing the cyst. Everything is fine, the bone grew in nicely. We then went to our dentist to have the crown made and placed on the implant.The dentist did impressions of top and bottom teeth and checked his bite.

Yesterday we went in to get the crown placed. I seen it on the table and it looked amazingly like a real tooth. Well, the problem is, it sat too tall. The dentist said that maybe his top tooth had drifted down some and they would have to file a small amoount of the enamal off the top tooth to make it fit. Well he did that, and it was still too high. They started filing off the crown. They would bring it back, try it again, check with bite paper and repeat this process.

By the time they put it in his mouth and we looked at it, it was horrible. It looks so fake and it is very flat now. Doesn't even look like a tooth :( My poor son has been through so much. I know no one will probably see it back that far but I am just wondering why it didn't fit? They took so many x-rays and impressions. Why didn't they just make the crown smaller?

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High Crown
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Melissa,

Depending on how long it was between when the impression was taken and the crown was made, if the delay was very long then the tooth could have drifted down.

It is very common to adjust the chewing surfaces to help the teeth fit together better. However it should not have been so much that it was entirely flat. It is possible that the lab made a mistake.

You could suggest getting a shorter dental abutment and having a new crown remade to fit the shorter abutment.

Lastly, I find it extremely odd that a 3rd molar would be replaced with an implant. 3rd molars are wisdom teeth, and unless the molars next to them are missing it is uncommon to ever replace a wisdom tooth. Sometimes the jaw is so high that there is not enough room for two wisdom teeth to come in fully and bite together.

You may want a second opinion from an implant specialist if none of the above help the problem.

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by: Federic

There will be slight variation in the size of the crown even if they take accurate measurement. Further modification is done once after the crown is placedICD 10 Coding. After the gradual use the crown will become fit just like the previous teeth.

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