by Joanna

I have seen a DDS dentist about getting an implant and I went through all the procedures to get me ready for the surgery like, all x-rays and check ups needed to proceed with my implant. He even had a 3D imaging. I did not proceed with my surgery because they did not have a convenient payment method for me.

Now I have found an AACD Dentist who has the right convenient payment method for me. When I had the consultation, he was pretty much ready to proceed with the surgery after he had told me what I needed. I was like " that's it, I'm ready?" Sounds too good and so fast. My last dentist examined me pretty well and took his time. This dentist only had the regular x-ray taken and he knows I'm good to go for the surgery and that I have bone.

Could he really tell if I have enough bone from a regular x-ray? (I had one missing teeth on the front upper jaw for 17 years) Does this sound like my implant will fail if I proceed with this dentist? Or is he that good he knows where to aim the implant without all the special x-rays because he has a background of AACD.

What good questions should I ask him before I proceed with the surgery? Or should I just stay with the first dentist?


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Go for AAID
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

If a tooth is missing for so many years ,it may result in extensive bone loss and may need bone-augmentation. I suggest to go to your first dentist and search for an American academy of implant dentistry fellow or associate fellow - not AACD you should go for AAID.

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