My dental implant of first molar in lower jaw became infected after five months and had to be removed. I have fibromyalgia, chronic meningitis, and wear a mouth guard due to clenching.

My Oral surgeon wants to put in new implant. Should I consider a bridge instead? This has caused a lot of trauma and pain, worsening my medical conditions and I don't know if I should continue with this process.

Is there an increased risk of failure again? And of damage to the bone and tissue?
Thank you.

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by: Kenny Nash

Has anyone ever experienced your ears ringing during or after a dental implant put in. I had the procedure started about 3 months ago. My ears began ringing after my last visit to the dentist when he checked it about 2 weeks ago.

Your decision
by: dr farhan durrani

HI Debra
This should be your decision.
Nobody can influence you ,if you think you are not ready for implant - go for a bridge.

Ringing in the Ears NEW
by: E from Prague

I had a front upper implant infected and removed after about four months. After removal, I was left with this persisting ringing in my ears, chills on my scalp, headaches and a feeling of coming down with a flu. Plus the place where the implant was is throbbing sometimes during the day. I have no infection, as proven by blood tests, but I cannot get rid of these symptoms, which are driving me into depression. Doctors are now prescribing me antidepressants. Has anyone experienced similar problems or symptoms? Please help.

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