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    A Dental CT scan (computerized tomography) is a type of X-ray that produces images of internal physical structures in cross section, far superior than the standard images produced by conventional X-ray exams. Since a 3D image cannot be viewed and analyzed properly on a 2D monitor or printout, a CT allows the viewer to select an area in question and see it from the side divided into cross sections similar to a slice. If ten "slices" are shown side by side, it is much easier to track the changes at each point.

    This complicated image is achieved by using a rotating X-ray unit that takes hundreds of X-rays. The data is then combined by computer to create the three dimensional image, which can be freely rotated on the computer. Once the specific area is selected, the computer can once again "disassemble" that area into the corresponding X-rays. Clearly a CT scan is far more useful than a conventional X-ray which produces a single 2-dimension image from one perspective.

    dental ct scan In dentistry, this means a section of the jaw a few millimeters long can be selected from an overhead view and additional images will display the layout of that area from the side perspective. Each image will be a short distance (usually one or two millimeters) from the previous section. Then the dentist can determine the location of a nerve and/or bone thickness at each of the selected points. This is helpful to determine what implant diameter, size, and type should be used to maximize the implant to bone contact. It can also indicate that bone augmentation surgery is required, or if a nearby nerve has caused made implant placement impossible at that specific site.

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