Dental impalnt or Bridge?

by Fleetwoods
(Muskogee, Okla. USA)

Dental impalnt or Bridge?
My husbands top left molar (second one from the very last in back, (no wisdom teeth))is going to be pulled this Tuesday and he wants to replace it. He doesn't have any other problems with any other teeth.

The question is which would be best in having this replaced a dental implant or a bridge? Also, what is the estimated cost for whatever might need to be done? Thank you for your time?
The Fleetwoods

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Dental Implant or Bridge.
by: Joe

One of the issues with a missing tooth is that, if it is not replaced, the remaining teeth must bear a greater burden of chewing force. As you can imagine your molars due most of the chewing anyway, since they grind and crush your food. Therefore, what can happen if there is free space, is your remaining teeth may undergo excursion, which is the complicated word for movement to the side. This may change your bite, and in some circumstances can lead to further complications.

If that portion of the jawbone that is not supporting a tooth or an implant, it may also begin to resorb, which means something like erode or disappear. Essentially, since it's not needed it fades away. That may make future dental work more difficult, should you decide later on to get a dental implant. This is one of the reasons that your doctor may choose an implant over a bridge.

Another reason is that the process to make a bridge often means filing down the two surrounding teeth. Essentially you are cutting down two healthy teeth to fix the missing one.

As always, your doctor should detail your option based on your specific case and the factors involved. Then you both can decide based on his/her recommendation and your budget.

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