The Dental Implant Abutment Picture Gallery

Dental implant abutment pictures:

This is a picture of the abutment right before it's connected to the implant. The abutment is the part that is connected to the implant and is above the gum. In the final stage of getting your dental implant your dentist will build the white crown around the abutment and once all is completed you will not be able to see the abutment anymore.

standard  implant abutment

The implant abutment is a titanium cylinder connector that is placed on top of the dental implant. A crown (the artificial tooth) is built around the abutment.

standard  abutment

The angulated implant abutment seen here is used to compensate for the angle of the dental implant when it was inserted into the jaw bone. If a standard implant abutment was used, the restored tooth would be sticking out and would not fit the anatomy and aesthetics of the upper teeth. Using the angulated implant abutment enables the dental implant dentist to build the tooth in a downward angle that will be in line with the rest of the teeth and achieve an aesthetic result.

Angulated dental implant abutment - animated

Same implant abutment in a cast model

Angulated abutment in jaw

The healing abutment is placed after exposing the top of the dental implant. The healing abutment serves as a temporary replacement tooth during the healing period of the gums.

Healing dental implant abutment

The gingiva heals and grows nicely around the implant abutment. Once the gums have healed and the dental implant is stable and osseointegrated with the bone, the healing abutment is removed and the dental implant is restored. At this point the gingiva will be esthetically surrounding the new dental implant crown as a result of the healing abutment that was placed there during the healing period.

Healing abutment results

Zirconia implant abutments are used in places where esthetics is very important (front teeth). Using a zirconia abutment will give you the best results because it is very close to a natural tooth's appearance and color.

Zircon abutment

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