Dental implant and bariatric surgery

by Paula
(Rochester Hills, MI )

I had an immediate Zimmer implant #10 in Dec. of '09, which never osseointegrated. I don't present with any of the usual reasons for failure. The implant was removed, irrigated with antibiotics and more Puros bone graft material with a collagen plug placed Jan.'10. So, I currently have no implant.

I should have enough healing to attempt implant again in May, but was told by my new peridontist I may need more bone grafting and won't know with certainty until he opens it up and gets in there.

I am also in the final stages for approval of bariatric surgery that may be performed in the next couple of months.

I have looked everywhere to try and find information on whether there is a conflict with having my bariatric surgery while my implant and/or new graft heals.

Any information or referral to a source that can help me would be appreciated. I thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide.


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Bone grafts are problematic

Paula dear,
Sometimes bone grafts are problematic or even if there is no mistake done by dentist and still the treatment never works.
This has happened to me too. For your case if you can post your pictures or x-rays I may be able to guide you better. Puros is a good material for regeneration of bone, Zimmer is very good company of implants.

Bone regeneration
by: Anonymous

Bone formation process is very well documented.
your question should be directed to the clinician that will preform the bariatric surgery.
On a side note I wouldn't assume bone grafting procedure can be a contra indication for such surgery. However the surgeon can definitely answer your question.
Good luck.

Dental implant and bariatric surgery
by: Paula F.

Hi Dr. Durrani,

I am sorry if I gave you the impression that I blame the original periodontist for the failure of the bone graft. What I did take issue with was that a significant portion of the implant came through the cortical plate. I could feel the implant through the gingiva about half way up up and could follow it over the apex of the implant under the ala of my nose. That was a separate issue from the lack of osseointegration.

I even more discouraged to be told by the second periodontist that the second bone graft the first periodontist did may be insufficient to ideally support a new implant once the graft has hopefully healed. The second periodontist also felt at the time of the regraft a flap should have been laid on the buccal and a membrane placed because of the perforation. This was not done. As for an xray, I am not sure how I would post that for you to see. The x-ray is not digital.

My greatest worry at this point is that it would be a contraindication for me to have the additional grafting and possible placement of the implant and then to have the bariatric surgery shortly afterward. I can't find any information that tells me if the surgery will be an issue with new bone formation and healing. I will be taking many supplements post op for the bariatric surgery including significant calcium citrate supplementation.

Thank you for the information you provided earlier and for any additional information or resources you may be able to provide.


Dental implant and bariatric surgery
by: Paula

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you so much. I do intend to ask the bariatric surgeon, but am not scheduled to see him for awhile. I will also be seeing and asking the periodontist who will be performing the supplemental bone graft and possibly the new implant if it has healed well enough in about 10 days.

I am seeking opinions from both sides of the aisle as I suspect that having a dental implant and major surgery close together probably doesn't occur that often.

While I don't present with any of the traditional risk factors for implant failure such as smoking, diabetes, poor hygiene, etc., I don't want to do anything to risk failure again if I can avoid it. At the same time, if the bariatric surgery poses no additional risk to the implant healing, I would prefer not to postpone embarking on the journey to a healthy weight again.


Dental implant and bariatric surgery
by: Dr. Durrani

In addition to my latest post back to you, I forgot to tell you I realized I made a typo in my original post.

The implant was placed Dec. '09 was correct. Failed, removed, and regrafted I had stated Jan '10, that was incorrect.

It was Jan '11. which is why I am still waiting for new graft to heal.

My apologies,

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