How much does a dental implant cost ???

A dental implant cost can vary by as much as a few thousand dollars. How can that be? - After long and careful checking I have been able to uncover the major reasons that the price can be quoted from $2000 up to as much as $4000 for a single tooth implant.

The actual procedure involves 2 steps - The first step is the placement of the implant then, after a healing period which can be 3 - 6 months, comes the second step - the restoration, which is building the crown on top of the implant. So why is there such a great difference in the price?

The dental implant cost is determined by :
  • Patient's physical condition- age, oral hygiene, jaw bone anatomy - these factors may determine if additional treatments are needed or not. These treatments (such as a sinus lift or bone grafting) are common practice yet require additional chair time and additional material that raise the total implant procedure cost.

  • Lower the Price Of Your Dental Implant!

    Lower the price of your dental implants by using these tips/ideas

  • The dental implant type/ manufacturer and the crown on top of it - This should not be a major factor as most major dental implant companies have implants in the same price range.

  • Imaging - The dentist could use x-rays or CTs which are more modern, more precise and of course - more expensive.

  • wallet
  • Placement- If the teeth are in the "aesthetic zone" (where they can be easily seen) you will probably want an 'aesthetic specialist' who will be likely to charge more than a general dentist.

  • Size of case - In bigger cases where more implants are needed, the average cost per implant is less than smaller cases .

  • Complexity of case - In complicated cases where more "chair time" is expected you can expect to pay more for your implants!

Some factors that might determine dental implant cost that are not as obvious to the patient:
  • Advertising - If you look around in this website and in other places on the web you may see ads - "Only $400 for implants...". The ad says the cost is only $ 400 for the implant - true ...that's the average price for the implant placement. What the ad doesn't say is that the restoration process (the second step) costs an additional $1600!!!

  • Office location - The more expensive the dentist's rent (Beverly Hills, Manhattan, for example) he's more likely to have higher fees than the dentist in the Mid-west.

  • Expertise/labor - Probably the most significant considerations in the price you pay is the time spent treating the patient and paying for the dentists expertise and knowledge.
Since a dental implant procedure involves a few stages of surgery and restoration, the time and expertise involved are pretty costly. Even though prices are high you can still find a cheap dental implant by using these tips/ideas .

Find A Cheap Dental Implant

Find a cheap dental implant by using these tips/ideas

In the event that you need your entire mouth (or one jaw) fitted consider getting dental implant dentures (dentures fitted on implants) rather than individual crowns. Instead of spending $30,000 - $50,000 this option might cost you only $10,000-$15,000.

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At the bottom of this page you can see submissions of patients who have had personal experience related to the cost of dental implants - Check Out the most recent ones .

When searching the internet you can some times find banners of free dental implants.

I GOT CHEAP DENTAL IMPLANTS - This is how I did it!

If you where able to get dental implants for less than 2000$ an implant - please tell us how!

The readers would appreciate the name place or any possible details of the place you got them (If you don't mind - of course).

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