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A dental implant course for general dentists or specialists in other fields of dentistry is one way of filling the requirements for continuing education demanded by all of the states. By taking a dental implants course, you can learn this technique and expand your knowledge and widen your practice. In the case of a dental implantology specialist, it is a way to keep up with the latest developments in the field.

Dental implant course A dental implants course or a dental implant seminar generally lasts several days and provides CE points needed to renew your license. Rather than sitting in front of the computer, thinking that you are learning something from an on-line course while staring at the screen, if you are truly interested in progressing and acquiring additional skills from a dental implant course and subsequently broadening your practice and adding another source of income, you should investigate attending a classroom and practical program. This will allow your entry into the 21st century of dental practice.

There are dental implants courses and dental implant seminars available that provide flexible schedules suited to your busy schedule. These courses are ADA C.E.R.P approved and include courses such as: Basic Implant Placement and Restoration, Advanced Surgical Procedures (dental implant placement and bone grafting), Immediate Loading and Restoration (the esthetic implant).

For further information on one such program, see the links on the bottom. These unique programs are tailored to you, the dentist with an active practice who, in addition to the latest knowledge in the classroom, wants hands-on experience, live surgery and access to the libraries and resources that only New York City can provide along with all of the other attractions of the Big Apple.

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