Dental implant crown/cap chipped

by tina
(woodburn, OR 97071)

My dental implant crown/cap chipped about an 1/8" when my son accidently turned around and hit my front crown/cap with his metal tractor and it chipped. It's not too bad, but I'm wondering if I should get it replaced? Approximately how long does it take to get a new one? I am fine with it, but I need to know if it is serious to get it fixed or can it wait? Thankyou!

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Chipped Crown
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Tina,

Thankfully on an implant crown if it chips there is no nerve underneath to be damaged or sensitive. Other than aesthetic reasons, there is no rush to have the crown fixed or replaced. If it is sharp then your dentist can smooth off the area to protect your soft tissue.

I'm assuming that the tooth is in the front, because for those of us with kids we know those are the ones that always get hit with something. In this case your dentist can replace it as soon as you're ready. The old crown will need to be removed and an impression taken for the lab to make a new crown. The old crown could be temporarily recemented while you wait for your new crown.

Reply NEW
by: sophie

Hi, Tina! I can understand your situation and you don’t worry about that. I think it will take maximum time of one week, that’s all. So there is no need to rush. You just wait for a week and make your crown proper. fashion for play

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chipped crown NEW
by: Tina

Thankyou! I have left it for now. But plan to get a new crown soon. I had it smoothed out for the time being.

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