Dental Implant Dentist

Who should you choose to be your dental implant dentist - now that you've decided to go for dental implant surgery?

There are several options of professionals - each one of them an implant dentist - but they all have different specialties or approaches to the procedure. When you decide to put your teeth in the hands of an implant dentist it is important to know exactly what and who you are dealing with.
dental implant dentist
No matter who you choose to do your dental implant procedure, every implant dentist will have to perform this procedure in two steps – first the dental implant surgery and after wards – the implant restoration.

Some dentists will perform the first step, some the second and some implant dentists will choose to perform both!

One of the specialized practitioners in dental implant surgery is the periodontist. The majority of the work done by this specialist is implantation.

Another implant dentist is the oral surgeon. In addition to the other invasive procedures he performs, dental implant surgery is a central one as the majority of oral surgeons have the training and qualifications to install dental implants.

Although the periodontist and oral surgeon perform most of the dental implant surgery (they count for 70% of all dental implant placements) some of them also perform the implant restoration. In fact 20% of all restorations are done by periodontists and oral surgeons.

Another dental implant dentist that you may choose to perform your surgery is a prosthodontist . Although prosthodontists specialize in aesthetic restoration, some of them choose to perform the initial stage of the procedure, the dental implant surgery.

Then again, you might just want to go to the dental offices that you are familiar with and stick with your general dentist . There are many general dentists who have had advanced training in dental implants and by law – any dentist can place implants, but they have to have passed a dental implant course.

Although prosthodontists and general dentists perform most of the second stage of the dental implant procedure – the implant restoration (80% of restorations are done by them),they also account for 30% of the first stage – the dental implant surgery.

In many cases the general dentist prefers to refer the difficult cases to a periodontist or an oral surgeon. So when you choose a dental implant dentist, know who and what expertise you are getting.

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