Dental Implant Dentures

Dental implant dentures are a solution for people who have lost all of their teeth (edentulous), either on the upper jaw, lower jaw or both. It is a method of maintaining the shape of the mouth and all of the functions of the jaw and teeth at a lower cost than a full set of dental implants.

Those of you who have dentures or who are familiar with denture wearers know of the embarrassment when the dentures slip or fall during conversation, laughter or while eating. The use of glue or paste can never completely prevent this from happening.

The only guaranteed method for keeping your dentures attached so that they never slip and thereby preventing this embarrassing situation is the method known as dental implants dentures.

Initially, the dentist will have to place the dental implants into the jaw bone. This will be done in a surgical process known as dental implant surgery.

A healing period of 3 months is needed before proceeding to the next step of attaching the denture to the implants. In the case of mini dental implants the dentures can be attached immediately after the mini dental implants are placed.

To see how the dental implants dentures are connected to the dental implants click here ---->Denture implants restoration

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