Dental Implant Disaster

by Kevin
(Nashville, TN USA)

Dental Implant Disaster:

I am really, really dissatisfied with my lower front dental implant! It's been a little over 5 yrs since it was done and the gum continues to receed, not only around the implant but also around the adjacent (previously completely healthy) teeth. I am horrified. I was told the implant would preserve the integrity of the adjacent teeth, the principal idea of avoiding a 3 unit bridge. Nothing I was told to expect has happened.

The crown which was made to go on the implant looks like something I made at home myself, bulky, boxy, too angular. It's difficult to clean around/under the implant (I am fanatical about brushing/flossing) and now that previously unexposed tooth surface is showing on the adjacent teeth, they seem more proned to build up at the root, etc. I don't know what to do. This is not at all like I had imagined, only somewhat better than wearing a denture with single tooth or having a space.

Anyone with suggestions? I have even gone so far as to let someone (the genius who did the implant) graft gum tissue at the base of the implant (time consuming and extrmely painful) but the grafted tissue seems to have all died away. With the receeding gumline and poor crown, the total effect is rather third worldly. I would welcome any constructive suggestions.

Thank you.

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Gum Recession
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Kevin,

I'm sorry to hear about the gum recession and failed gum graft procedure. That was going to be my first suggestion but it seems you have already exhausted that option.

Teeth that are in the lower front of the mouth do tend to have more tartar buildup, which is very normal. Please be sure to not be too abrasive to the gum tissue around the implant and adjacent teeth. If you are scrubbing too hard or being too abusive with your floss, it can cause the gums to recede. Also, tobacco use can discourage healing or success of gum grafts, and is linked to gum recession. If you are using tobacco, you'll need to stop. Then you can try a new gum graft. If you want a second opinion with a different dental implant specialist, or oral surgeon.

by: dr farhan durrani

Please send some photographs, x-rays of your work done then we will try to tell you correctly, any way from your description you have recession of gum line. It happened due to poor oral hygiene ,and bulky crowns. Please ask your dentist to remove everything and start from scratch, regenerating gum is impossible. Hope you don't have diabetes, just get it checked .

after removing all, let tissues heal then post the x-rays and photo graphs, we will try to suggest the best treatment

Dental Implants NEW
by: Anonymous

Check out Either your allergic to one of the many metals used in Titanium Alloy, or your body is simply reacting to a 'foreign object' that has been screwed into your jaw. I've had the same issues for 7 years, and have done extensive research on this. No dentist will ever tell you this, they'd be out of business without implants.

Implants gone bad! NEW
by: Dunae

My teeth were extracted 3 years ago. The Quack Dentist that did it, 6 implants on the bottom and 6 on top to hold my Denture, was the biggest mistake of my life! He did not tell me that, they were going to remove half my bone on my bottom to get the Implants in there! Now, my Bottom denture is so sunken in, it's almost like on the bottom of my mouth! They look like crap, my bottom teeth, you can't see, they are crooked! When I kiss my Girlfriend, it aggravates the underside of my tounge! All I can say is , be very careful before you let anybody do what they did to me! They screwed me big time! Do NOT LET A DENTIST PUT ALL IMPLANTS IN FOR A DENTURE! Your better off going old School!

It's not my fault NEW
by: Kevin

I wish people would stop making me out to be the bad guy in this situation. No, I don't use tobacco in any form, never have. And when I said I was fanatical about brushing my teeth, that comment does not extend itself to say that I harshly scrub them or in any way abuse the gum. In all other areas of my mouth except around the implant and two adjacent teeth, the gum is in very healthy condition so it's clearly not any fault of mine. A word to the wise-cover all your bases and ask lots of questions before having a dental implant. Mine is clearly performing exceptionally poorly despite my best efforts. I understand they are also very difficult to have removed. It's probably too late in my situation.

removing implants NEW
by: ES

not difficult to have removed, but then what do you do?? check out my gums receding after implant. my gums receded all the way to top of my mouth and receded on the 2 outer teeth next to the implants(3)..very discouraging. had mine removed and another bone graft altogether 4..didn't help, no more bone grew..I also healthy, no tobacco/drugs or alcohol. and got some of same responses you did!!

Good luck to you..

Reply NEW
by: Soyce

I am very sad to hear your story! It’s not your mistake to happen like this. It’s all your fate. I don’t think that it was an original mistake by the dentist. But it affected you a lot. You don’t worry. Try to make it better at any cost. Beverly Diamonds Reviews

by: Anonymous

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