Dental implant financing

I am looking for dental implant financing programs.The dentist offered a payment program but i'm looking for a few options....

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by: dr farhan durrani

This depends upon your personal dentist

Dental implant NEW
by: Anonymous

Not a company, most dentists have financial agreements direct and arrange it for you as they know the monetary value for the study. pay for essay writing

healthcare financing or credit card NEW
by: Anonymous

Some dentists offer healthcare financing through Cit Bank or Credit Care. Both have promotional periods of 0% APR but are notorious for huge late payments. Also if you don't pay off the financed amount within the promotional period most companies will charge interest for the full amount at high rates such as 30% APR

Second option is getting a credit card that offers 0% interest for 21 months. If you go beyond 21 months and have good credit some credit cards offer 11%-13% APR which is still better than healthcare financing (30%!). Problem with credit cards is that in order to get great offers you need great credit

Another option is dentists payment plans. Sometimes dentists will allow you to pay in multiple payments but this varies greatly from doctor to doctor and secondly most doctors want high payments. Let's say your implant costs $2000. They will want 3-4 payments at most, so that is $600-$500 at a time.

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