Dental implant inflated inside of my nose

by Mavin
(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

I had my dental implant for an upper front tooth last week and during the implant doctor told me that i would need a bit of bone grafting .
After the implant he said everything is fine and he gave two stiches and said that in two weeks time everything will be fine and he will just take off my stiches. He gave me some pain killers and a penicilin (probably to prevent infection)

After i returned home, and after the numbness (on the upper jaw + nose part) was gone, i realized a small puff up area inside my nose (on to side where my implant was done). Today is the 5th day and i still have that area inflated. I called my dentist this morning and he said he would give some more antibiotics. One other thing I noticed is that the stitch that he put was kind of coming out (they all piled up on the top of that implant) and I don't think I can see the cap of the implant anymore.

Wondering if it went too deep? I'm just wondering what's going on.

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Show it to your dentist
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Please show it to your dentist - get an opg
to know where implant is

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