Dental implant issues

by D douglas
(london, uk)

Dental implant issues:
i just received a full upper jaw of implants all teeth were removed. The indiction was to place 9, but one would not take so 8 were implanted. Rather than a denture I went with nothing for over 3 weeks to allow the implants to settle a bit and the stitches to be removed.

The back area near where the molar's are located were given quite short implants due to lack to bone, and quite long ones upfront, 5 in all. They then put in a bridge connected to these - it was either 4 or 5 and an 8 tooth bridge installed. The bridge was very big (it felt and also cut my lower lip and the inside of my mouth). They shaved them back and this stopped.

Several weeks later there was a crack and the upper three left teeth were loose. They then soldered these together to give strength and all was well. a month later they cracked and became lose and then very rapidly they came loose and then out along with the implant.

I went back to the doctor and they removed the whole bridge and while doing so and in taking out the screws there was great pain ( screws would not turn easily enough I assume, and the another implant came out). I was told it did not " take " however when they were removing the screws there was deep pain and they worked for many minutes trying to take a screw out and it seems to me this is what may have assisted in loosening the implant. They were doing the same to another one and it was apparently getting lose and they wanted to take that one out as well and I asked them to stop. they capped it and left it. It is slightly loose but not terribly so.

What I am wondering is - is this fairly common ? The original plan was: remove the teeth, place 9 implants, wear a denture for 3 weeks and then fix a bridge that would not include the back teeth, so as not to put too much pressure, then wait 5 more months and then place the final porcelain teeth onto the implants...

my questions:
1. Should they have operated if it appeared that these implants might not " take " or is there really no way to judge ?
2. Is it possible that the bridge was not placed well and added too much pressure on the implants and this help contribute to loosening them ?
3. Is it possible that the implants also were not placed well ?


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Implant Issues NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Douglas,

There is really no way of being able to predict if an implant is not going to take. This is why there are things that dentists look for to see if the patient is a prime candidate for implants or not. It is rare for a patient to be a prime candidate and have all of the implants fail, but it is not impossible. Things like smoking can discourage proper healing and osseointegration of the implant.

If a bridge was made wrong in the laboratory and sat the wrong way on the teeth, then the stress that it had during normal wear and tear could cause it to fail if pressure was too intense on certain areas of it. The pressure would then radiate through the implants and cause extra stress to the implant, encouraging failure. Some implants are left alone for a long time to encourage healing, while other types have crowns installed immediately, it just depends on your type of implant.

It may be best to switch to a full denture with mini implants if your bone does not take well to the larger ones.

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