Dental Implant or a Bridge?

by Jasmeet Kaur

Dental Implant or a Bridge:
I have lost my left canine and now want to go for a bridge or a dental implant.
Kindly inform,the cost of both.

Thanks & Regards,
Jasmeet Kaur

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Dental Implant or a Bridge?
by: Dr. Leamsi

That is not a very fair question as the price of either of them varies depending on the doctor and the type of work done and his skill.
However, it is safe to say that in the majority of cases dental implants are more expensive due to the fact that they are indeed a better choice than a bridge.
I would suggest that you get several different quotes from different doctors and take it from there. Remember that dental implants are a long lasting solution to your problem as opposed to a bridge that can be a purely aesthetic solution and turn out to be more damaging that it seems for its price.

Implant or a bridge
by: Dr. Victor Teran

My sugestion to you is to go for the dental implant, Of course it is more expensive, but you will be more than happy for the rest of your life. They might last for 20 - 30 -40 years without a problem. But if you decide to go for the bridge, remember healthy teeth are gonna have to be sacrificed to support your missing tooth.
Good luck to you.

Dental implant is the way to go NEW
by: Dr. Vipul Shukla

Hello Jasmeet,
You did not mention if it was an upper canine tooth or a lower one. In any case, a root-form endosseous dental implant with a crown on top will probably give you the best service over the longest time. And the adjacent teeth will not need to be ground away either. Yes, it will probably cost about 20-40% more than a three-unit dental bridge, but it is worth it in the long run, and the payment is usually done in two instalments, about 3-4 months apart anyways. Good Luck!

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