Dental implant pain

by patty shrem
(brooklyn ny)

Dental implant pain-

I had an implant put in about 6 or 7 years ago . since then I have had a burning metal taste on the same spot and side as the implant . It is truly changing the quality of my life , sometimes the pain of the burn is really too much to take .
Is it an allergic reaction or can be something totally unrelated . I've been to many doctors and none can give me an answer.

I am worried about removing the implant for the fear of still having the pain. I would also like to know if there is an allergy test to see if I am allergic to the metal used .
thank you - please help me get my life back.

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by: Dr Farhan Durrani

With the pain at implant site only - get a denta scan done. Implant could be impinging the nerve beneath it , if that?s the case - get it removed or go to New York college of dentistry to Dr Zarb (if u are in usa) you can also post your ct image and I will try to help .
Regarding metallic taste - what implant system(company) was used? Ask your dentist and then call the company and ask them about it.

dental implant pain
by: Anonymous

I have had the same problem with metal taste and now after nine years I am having problems to the point of my whole jaw aching. Nothing shows up on the x rays, which were so expensive, and the one of the teeth (I have 8 implants) and the entire jaw line hurts. Is removal of the implants expensive as they are screwed into the bone? I am in a panic as I am almost 80 years old and live on a tight budget. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. M. Carter

Dental implant pain
by: Anonymous

I have seen a surgeon and I feel much better. My dentist is an excellent doctor and the surgeon visit was for consultation. He was also excellent and informative. I learned that my implant was great. The nerves around that particular implant lay on the surface. My dentist had also assured me that the implant was fine. It would not be that expensive if I had to have it removed.

I was also told it was pretty simple to remove if necessary but I am fortunate that the implant is ok. I am thinking I might be grinding my teeth at night. I, too, use to have a metallic taste but it eventually went away. My implants have been great up until recently when I started to get a tooth ache. I brush immediately after eating and the surgeon told me my mouth and implants looked great.

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