Dental implant pain

by Dina

I need implants but I'm scared of the dental implant pain that will accompany the procedure. I'm not too good with handling pain and the thought of going through this is just preventing me from getting my teeth fixed.
Can I get a comforting word from someone that went through this procedure?

Thank you

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Don't be a baby
by: Donald Stuart

Don't be a baby. It's no big deal. There is no pain during the procedure and most of the time you feel your normal self the next day.

You will be okay
by: Anonymous

I'm one of the biggest chickens on the planet even though I'm a very "experienced" dental patient. I got a recommendation from my general dentist and visited the surgeon who will do the procedure.

They were very nice and assuring so I feel comfortable with their options which are local vs. more general anesthetic (Valium, I think). Right now my only worry is how to get home after the general; it sure isn't about the procedure. Please go visit the dentist who will be doing the procedure or even a couple others to compare. You will find out which one will be the best for you. Then, smile. :-D

Ask lots of questions
by: Anonymous

Dentist are no different or better then many people although many think so. There are good ones and "so - so" ones and then sadly there are a good number that have no business being a dentist! Do tons of homework.

Yes, there is pain and yes it can be VERY severe. And No, it is not rare. It happens to a good portion. Nothing angers me more than people who flat out lie and tell you there is no pain. Nothing could be further from the truth. Think about it for a minute. The dentists are going to tell you there is little to no pain so they can MAKE MONEY. If they were completely honest and told you the truth (that as often as not there is some pretty uncomfortable pain that can last well over a week) Well then that would cut their paycheck in half.

I wonder if this will even be posted since THEy will not want you to be informed about pain. If you are scared of pain you have the right to know the truth.
It may be minimal and it may be pretty bad for a few days. I just had 8 upper and 4 lower. I speak from experience!!!!

Nice post NEW
by: dana

Nice post. Thanks for sharing with us.

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