Dental Implant Pain

Dental implant pain after 18 years:

I have had a dental implant for 18 years to replace upper front tooth. Had no problem until 6 months ago. The implant hurts with upper lip and base of the nose swollen. Gum has receded and the implant screw is visible. The implant is still solid it does not move. I've been advised to get it removed.

My fear is it may disfigure my jaw and cause substantial bone loss. What procedure dentists use to remove the implant without causing damage? Also can they do bone and gum graft for placing another implant later?

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Implant pain
by: Sharon B., RDH

That sounds very odd for you to go so long with an implant and now have problems with it. First be sure that no adjoining teeth have active gum disease, and that it is controlled. Second make sure there are no sinus infections, through dental x-rays and a possible visit to your MD. Xrays can determine if the implant has somehow punctured the sinuses and if an infection exists then you would be placed on antibiotic therapy.

If you've already exhausted these other possible causes, then it seems like your mouth is for one reason or another rejecting the implant. The implant will unscrew from the bone as it is extracted, but will cause some trauma to the tooth socket after it's removal. To answer your question, yes, bone grafting can be performed so that another implant can be placed if there is not enough structure. Most likely your implant specialist will want the area to heal completely before placing another implant.

This is happening to me also. NEW
by: Anonymous

Out of nowhere. It has been 16 to 17 years since the implant. I've never had a problem. Now a pain shoots up through that post everytime I put my teeth together. 3 days now. Really painful. Any chance this will resolve itself? Because everything your talking about sounds expensive. I have dental insurance but that won't cover enough to make anything other than a cleaning affordable for me. At least I have some, though. Not complaining, but it would be great if I could not eat anything and gargle salt water for a week, and it would heal itself. Maybe? Or is the wait and see method gonna make my face explode?

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