Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implant procedure is the term used to describe the entire process you go through from the time you walk into the dentist's clinic for the first time, dental implant procedure when getting your dental implants, till the last time you walk out of there with your new beautiful smile.

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The dental implant procedure involves 2 main stages separated by a minimum of 3 and up to 9 months of healing time:

  • Dental implant surgery - This is the step where the dentist inserts a metal screw into the jaw bone. This screw (the implant) is inside the jaw-bone and is not visible. There is an abutment that is screwed onto it and it is the abutment that is visible. In the event that the work is being done in a visible area (like the smile line), the dentist will place a temporary covering on the abutment for esthetic purposes. The next step is the implant restoration. Read more about dental implant surgery..

  • Implant restoration - It takes time for the implant to take hold. This could range from 3-9 months, depending on the individual's rate of healing. Once the implant is firmly set inside the jaw bone, then the permanent crown is attached to the abutment. The crown is built of material that will match the surrounding teeth. Read more about Implant restoration..

Both procedures are very common, and not too complicated. In some cases, depending on the patient's jaw bone anatomy, a sinus lift or a dental bone graft might be needed as well.

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"My dentist...drilled into my sinus cavity and broke the bone, put in bone grafts...What should I do?.."

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The duration of the whole dental implant procedure varies from patient to patient and depends, among other things, on the patient's physical condition and anatomy. It can take three to nine months and sometimes even longer! Yet most of that time is spent on the healing of the tissue and waiting for the growth of new bone in your jaw.

A sinus lift is necessary only in the event that the sinus membrane is too low and might be in danger of damage by the implant. A dental bone graft is only necessary when additional bone is needed to support the implant in the jaw.

The three to nine months that the entire completed procedure takes depends on the patient's healing ability. This is affected primarily by age, health and structure of the jaw. The faster the healing, the less time between the two steps.

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"Smoking after dental implant surgery...I have read that you should not smoke cigarettes for the first two weeks, but does weed apply?.."

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In some cases, when possible, the dentist may be able to restore the dental implants immediately after the placement surgery. This dental implants procedure is known as immediate loading and its duration is very short - the patient can walk home the same day of the surgery with his newly restored teeth.

Success rates today are very high and in only very rare cases do you see complications or - problems. Click this link to check out the success rates and reasons for dental implant failure.

If you are considering denture implants - you face the same 2 stage process of surgery and then the mounting of the dentures on the implants.

Dental implant procedure video:

The following dental implants procedure video shows a live dental implant surgery including a 4 implant placement (on the upper jaw back teeth), a Sinus lift and a bone graft. Warning!!!!!!- the video is not easy to watch(Blood,cutting flesh,etc...). I strongly recommend not to watch this video if you plan to undergo dental implant surgery. As a patient you will not see or feel the surgery itself.
I have posted an easier (animated) video to watch on my dental implant surgery page.

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