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Bone Graft Sinus Lifts 
I currently have 4 upper mini implants with a "snap-on denture". It's not working very well so I've decided to do 6 traditional (big) implants and then …

Surgically remove the tooth and replace it with an implant 
My 20 year old daughter has tooth no 15 (12 year molar on top) that is impacted. All other 12 year molars are all out and fine. Her dentist wants …

Dental implant procedure questions 
Hi. I had an implant put in 3 years ago to replace a missing canine. Now I am facing some corrective jaw surgery, and need to have braces put on 6 month …

Bone graft question 
What does the dental bone graft look like?

Getting 3 dental imlants with no anesthia 
I am getting implants next week. My dentist said anesthesia is not required & not covered by insurance. He says there is minimal pain & I can go back to …

Extraction, bone grafting and implant placement on the same day. 
What's the risk of having extraction, bone grafting and implant done on the same day?

Pain When Abutment And Crown Placed 
Pain When Abutment And Crown Placed: I had molar #3 pulled on 2-2009 and bone graft done. In may or June 09 I had the base of the implant put in and …

Six Dental Implants In One Appointment 
I was told I could get six dental implants in one appointment and I would be put to sleep. Is it recommended to do so many dental implants at the same …

Candidate For Dental Implants 
Who is the right candidate for dental implants? Hi, I just had my second attempt of a dental implant being placed in my mouth after the first try did …

Dental Implant after many years of extraction 
I am planning on getting a dental implant after many years of extraction: I had my 2nd from the last molar in the lower jaw extracted in early 2005. …

Sinus lift or not? 
Do I need a sinus lift or not? I broke my tooth (the upper first molar) and I need an extraction and I was considering a dental implant. I was told …

Bone Grafting 
Where Does the Bone Come From?

Will dental implant procedures cause much discomfort? 
The discomfort experienced after the placement of dental implants is generally equivalent to that experienced from the extraction of a tooth. Most implants …

Cannabis and dental implants 
My question regarding Cannabis and dental implants. During the healing process of the first stage of implants (the screws being screwed in), is it …

Dental implant and Cannabis? 
Dental implant and Cannabis - is that combination O.K? Hi, I don't smoke cannabis everyday more like twice a year, however I just recently got a dental …

Diet after implant surgery 
What type of diet should a patient take immediately after the dental implant surgery. Thank you

Marijuana use and dental implants 
Is marijuana use as bad as cigarette smoking after having dental implants??

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