Dental implant rejection

by lynn

Dental implant rejection:

Recently I had the last of 3 dental implants. The first 2 implants have caused me no problems at all. but this last implant which is located in the back of my lower left jaw seems to be causing me pain.

I went back to the dentist telling him I had a dull aching pain there. I was also concerned that the gap between this last implant and the one right beside it was big enough that I have to use a tooth pick to get food out. The tooth pick goes all the way through the gap. He recommended the little brushes that look like trees to use instead.

Now under my chin around my jaw line to my neck there is a lot of soreness somewhat like lymph node swelling. I am wondering if maybe my body is rejecting this last implant or if maybe it was placed in wrong and needs adjusting.

The dentist every time he would work on my mouth would make the comment that he really should have considered the size of his large hands before becoming a dentist because my mouth is very small and he had a hard time getting in their to do the work.
I really do not know what to do: Do I go back again and have him see if the implant is causing the swelling under my jaw or go to a regular physician and see if something else is going on?

I have never had this problem before. I am 58.

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Lymph node palpitation indicate infection drainage this looks like a periodontal problem, if possible show it to prosthodontist for new crown

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