Dental implant surgery

The dental implant surgery starts with the dentist performing a ... wait a second! Roll back! I'd like to clarify something - I use the term dentist as a general word for all the specialists who actually perform this procedure. In the specialists section I list all different titles of dentists who can perform this surgery.

So.. it all starts with the dentist introducing a local anesthesia into the relevant area, he then cuts an incision on the gum's soft tissue creating a flap (that's the reason some use the term flap surgery) in order to expose the jaw bone.

The spot is marked and a hole (osteotomy) is then drilled into the bone in a few steps, slowly widening it to the final diameter (in general, the bigger the tooth - the wider and longer the implant). In multiple implant cases all of the holes are drilled during this time.

The dentist then inserts the implant in the hole and screws it down using his dental motor or using a manual ratchet (ouch! sounds painful - but remember you can't feel it).

Once the implant is in place the flap is then stitched up. The whole process can last an hour for a single implant and a few hours for a multiple implant case.

The patient waits for a while for observation and then is sent home. The stage following this would be restoration of the single / multiple implant or denture restoration.

Dental implant video

The following animated dental implant procedure video shows a dental implant being placed using a MIS-implants bone compression kit. Applying this technique helps improve initial stabilty of the implant.

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