Dental implant tooth - extreme pain

Dental implant tooth - extreme pain 10 days after treatment:

Dental implant with healing abutment placed routinely, no grafting - good bone - I continue to have moderate to severe pain along right side of nose/radiating to lower jaw (worse at night).

2 return visits to surgeon show no sign of infection - surgeon has no idea what is causing pain and today suggested removal of implant!
Don't know what to do - will fight on if there is hope that the pain will stop - he suggested I decide soon as it will be easier to remove.

Any guidance/suggestions greatly appreciated

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Pain After Implant
by: Sharon B., RDH

If you are having pain in the nasal area it sounds like the sinus could be perforated. The only way to truly determine this is with an MRI/ct scan at an oral surgeons office that has this equipment available to them. X-rays cannot always determine this diagnosis because it is only a 2-dimensional view and angulation changes will make it difficult to tell. It will be best to do this quickly so that if the implant needs to be removed it will be easier to do it (like your implant specialist stated).

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