Choosing the Dental Implant Type Material

Choosing the Dental Implant Type material:

When planning a dental implant case the dentist must take many considerations into account, both aesthetics and the functionality of the results. For example: our front teeth take a minor role in the eating and chewing process but are most important in terms of aesthetics. On the other hand, our molars and premolars (the teeth that are located in the back side of our mouth) are rarely visible but take a major role in eating and chewing (especially – a nice juicy steak).

When thinking about aesthetics, the dentist must take appearance considerations into account such as the angle of the tooth, the color and material to be used and the way the tooth emerges from the gum. These considerations dictate what type of dental implant and restorative components should be used.

mini dental implants

The implants are usually composed of titanium, which scientifically has proven to be a very strong and stable material and most of all it binds biologically to the bone. Today’s dental implants are less likely to be pure titanium since the discovery that a titanium alloy works just as well as pure titanium.

Zircon abutment

Some specialists like to use zirconium which is also known as Zircon (a ceramic material) as well to create dental implants and restorative components (abutments etc.). The zirconium is used to deliver the best aesthetic results since the color of the implant components is completely white and no metal is visible through the ceramic tooth.

Although this material has been used in Europe for many years in the manufacture of dental implants, it has recently been experimented with elsewhere. Interestingly, many dental implant dentists believe that osseointegration with Zircon dental implants tends to be more successful. Immune responses and allergic reactions also tend to be alleviated by the full ceramic implants as well.

So when choosing the dental implant type material - titanium or Zircon, we can see that it is pretty much a question of where the implants will be placed and what functionality we expect from them. On 2 things all dentists agree: 1) Zircon can give us the best aesthetic results 2) Zircon components are much more expensive than titanium ones.

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