Dental implant type?

My dentist is sending me to a periodontist to place one dental implant at the upper jaw , should I ask for special dental implant type? Any recommended brand ? are they all the same ? thanks R.

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Yes posterior maxilla has porous bone - a weak kind of bone, just ask your dentist to get a CT done and see the density of bone and according to that implants can be ordered whether plasma coated ,hydroxyapatite coated or deep threaded design there are variety of them to choose from, it all depends on careful planning before implant placement

Narrow dental Implant
by: Dr. Lee

Also, for anterior teeth, I'd recommend a narrow dental implant or a mini implant( Zimmer makes a one-piece implant).
Where is this missing tooth?

Dr. Durrani-- you offer valuable input and information in your posts. I invite you to come join me in discussions over in the "Dentist's Section" part of this website. You will find the link in the upper left corner of page(HOME). I hope to see you there, as well.

Dr. Lee

by: Anonymous

There are now more than 40 different types of what can now be termed traditional or standard dental implants available today. What type of maintenance do dental implants require? essay writing place australia

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