Dental implants abroad, a booming trend for people in developed countries

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Many of us in the developed world are facing several times in our life with some health problems among which dental problems are the most common and painful.

Taking for example people in UK or Ireland where 8 out of 10 (with ages above 40) have serious dental problems and most of them having at least 5 missing teeth. Nowadays all patients are aware of the benefits dental implants can offer to them but the main reason why Britons remained with their dental problem unsolved was the long waiting lists at the NHS the public health care system which could last for 6 months. There was still another option that of visiting a private clinic however the expensive prices scared them away not mentioning the lack of highly experienced dentists in the UK.

Where to go for your dental implants?

Selecting your destination for your surgery of dental implants abroad implies much preparation. In case you live in the USA then probably you would be considering visiting Mexico or Costa Rica and people in Europe would be considering Hungary, Croatia or Cyprus among many other countries offering same quality and affordable service. According to McKinsey & Company consulting firm, more than 80 thousand Americans prefer to go abroad for their treatment including dental implants due to high health care costs and poor insurance plans in the USA.

There are hundreds of dental clinics in Mexico offering high quality dental implants at a fraction of the prices available in the US. Cities like Tijuana right at the US border as well as Cancun and Guadalajara are just a few of the main cities in Mexico very easy to reach by direct flights from most major cities within USA.

Costa Rica
It promises to be one of the best options in terms of qualifications and experience of dentists working there as well as facilities they can offer and nevertheless the affordable prices they can offer for best quality dental implants.

Hungary has already achieved its reputation as being top destination in Europe and if you are considering getting your dental implants in Hungary for sure you will not regret it. Budapest, the capital of Hungary now attracts thousands of patients from Ireland and UK but there are other major cities in Hungary like Mosonmagyarovar, Sopron and Gyor just to mention a few. In addition to the other cities, Budapest has plenty of city sightseeing tour opportunities and the world famous Szechenyi Spa which can be a perfect combination with dental treatments.

Being an ideal tourism destination with its Mediterranean climate with numerous beaches around the Ireland, Cyprus would be more than a dental destination; it would be a relaxing holiday resulting with a big smile on your face by the time you return home. Dentists here are highly experienced, prices are at least 50% lower than in the UK and it is a multilingual community where language would not be a barrier.

There are of course other also famous destinations where you can have your dental implants. These are mainly in the Far East like India, Thailand, Singapore or South Korea but Turkey has also plenty to offer in terms of cosmetic dentistry.

What savings you could expect having your dental implants abroad?

It is already clear that your savings can be huge but it also depends on the quality of materials and type of dental implants used. For example while a Zimmer dental implant type would cost around $3,500 in the UK the same implant type would cost $835 in Croatia or $840 in Hungary. By using the Branemark system, prices would reach $3,500 while in Costa Rica you would have to pay around $736 resulting in a saving up to 78%. You can further check even more price comparisons on where you will find prices for all major dental treatments.

Dental implants abroad - Most common implant types used

There has been a continuous progress in the development of more and more durable, reliable and bio friendly dental implants using latest innovative technologies in this field. Most common dental implants are the Nobel Biocare (Sweeden), Zimmer (USA), Ankylos Friadent (Germany), Alpha Bio Tec (Israel) or DIO (Korea). Each of these dental implant types have their own characteristics, the materials they are being manufactured from and number of years they can be guaranteed to fulfill their roles as false teeth.

In a nutshell, main reasons to have your dental implants abroad:
  • Significant savings up to 75%
  • Shorter or non existent waiting lists
  • Same or even better quality of dental implants used
  • Highly experienced and educated Master Implantologists
  • Friendly clinics and staff
  • A chance to combine your treatment with sightseeings of famous touristic attractions

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