Dental Implants and Metal Allergies

by Smith

Anyone have info on dentists who can order a Melisa metal dental implants test and who uses other materials besides Titanium?

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by: Jay

I've only heard mention of this test once. If you contact your dental implant company they should be able to give you the material composition of their implants.
We had our own scare when a patient had a nickel allergy and I had my assistant check if the implants had nickel. The chart said a very small percentage of N, which she thought was nickel instead of nitrogen.

Dental Implants caused health problems
by: Erin

I had titanium dental implants done 6 years ago. I've always had exceptional dental hygiene. Not long after the surgery, I was feeling unwell. By the end of 2005, I couldn't work or continue college. I tried going to other dentists and implant specialists, but all said to keep flossing.

In 2008, I found a dental surgeon who told me that the dental implants were causing me health problems. He removed all 3 and some of my symptoms eased off (shooting pains in sinuses to back of head, bleeding gums around implants etc). All 3 dental implants corroded; which left me quite sick.

In 2010 I saw another dental implant specialist as I had moved. He re-assured me that dental implants failed due to no fault of my own. The porcelain crowns were the wrong shape and size to begin with, leaving it very hard for me to keep the area clean, which led to bacteria spreading. I could even see the titanium showing through my gum tissue and constant bleeding.

I was not tested first to see if I was sensitive to the metal or the materials used in the crowns. I still suffer from facial bone and head pain, recurring infections and weakness in my body. I had a hair tissue mineral analysis recently which detected palladium. Would this come from the implant or the crown material?

Titanium and titanium alloy used for Dental NEW

Our products titanium rods and bars is widely used in Medical device. It can be used in medical prostheses,dental implants,orthopedic devices,hip joints,none screws,shoulder,elbow joints,bone plates and so on. The materials usally is TI-6AL4V ELI ,TI-6AL7NB,Pure titanium and titanium-nickel alloy metal materials.

If there any questions or needs,i'm glad to help you.

From temporaries to titanium followed by infection NEW
by: Anonymous

I had full mouth implants. I had no problem at the implant points (pins) for eight months, until the permanent TITANIUM implant were installed. On my post titanium inspection infection was found. After six weeks of diligent antibiotic mouth wash use and following related instructions my second inspection revealed there was still infection, with some improvement. I'm now following a more rigid (new) mouthwash/hygiene regimen. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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