Dental Implants Average Cost

What is the dental implant average cost ?
I have seen many ads on the internet with various prices ranging from $350 to $2000 !
How can it be that there is such a big price difference ?

Should i expect a bad and painful job when i go for a procedure that only costs $355 ?
For that price difference I'm willing to suffer ! ;-)

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Guide to dental implants average cost
by: Anonymous

Just ask a particular dentist for which type of implant, which dental implant company, what is total cost of the implant including crown structure and what is his/her qualification?
Ask for website address, ask your friends and others who have undergone similar treatment.

Dental Implant Cost Depends On Area
by: Dental implants

I think cost depends on area where you take's not painful as you think

$355 where
by: Anonymous

I was hoping that you can tell me where you found that price. I am looking at possibly getting a dental implant, but our income is limited. Please help with info. Thanks!

Thanks NEW
by: Edward

Well, there is indeed a variety of implants which indeed costs around this price range. And the price difference is due to the material used to make these implants and this price difference has nothing to do with the procedures, but yes there would be some difference in the apparatus used. ICD 10 Training

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by: Anonymous

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by: Anonymous

Very high cost sir

Dental Implants Average Cost NEW
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