Dental implants Custom Tray Fabrication

by A.Brown
(Richmond Hill,NY,USA)

Hi, I graduated from dental lab school a few years ago and currently only work in the prep dept. I found another lab job where i do more prep work and custom trays is one task i find a lil hard since i was never taught it in depth.

At my job i have to construct custom trays for implants and my boss is really getting frustrated since I'm not really getting the idea of how to fabricate a custom tray for implant cases. Can you please help inform me on what it is i need to understand as far as making implant custom trays? Any info is really appreciated thanks..

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custom trays or surgical template are made after wax up of teeth on edentulous cast with vacuum press machine that too with hard acrylic ,number i dont remember ask some good lab

implant tray fab
by: Anonymous

If you can make a crown and bridge custom tray. You can make the implant tray. There are two type of trays a closed tray and an open tray. the only difference is the open one has holes over the implants to screw and unscrew the implant.Just depends on what the doc ask for.

I like to you use light cured mat. like Triad. I use one thickness of wax plate.over the hole tray as spacer for impression mat. . First you should block out with wax over the space were the implants will be placed on the cast. the wax should be 5 to 10 mils. past the height of the teeth to leave room for the height of the implant screw. fab the tray like you would for a C&B.

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by: Anonymous

It is better you to study more about the construction of custom trays. Here itself the other two guys have told that there are different types of custom trays. So you have to be known about those custom trays. Then only you can make such trays. So you should find some time to get knowledge in constructing custom trays. more details

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