Dental Implants gone wrong

by Marlene
(Calgary, AB)

I had dental implants put on the bottom of my mouth. They pulled all my teeth and put in 4 implants and a bar. It has been over a year and I still do not have a plate on the bottom. Do you know who or where I can go to get an assessment on the damage that was done by all three of the doctors that were involved?

Someone in Calgary that is not afraid to speak out. I have been quoted by a specialist on how to fix this but he wants an extra 17000.00 over and above of what I have paid. I want to sue the doctors that did this bad job and get it fixed.

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Implants gone wrong
by: Renee M

I know the feeling - I had implants put in the top of mouth 3 years ago - The dentist has been
toying with me - My front teeth do not line up -
I told him that the surgeon made the error & should correct them. - He says he can fix it - Three years later I still have the same bad look - The whole mouth it out of wack, plus I huge overbite
I am at my wits end ....This cost me $45,000.00.
I was a fool to invest this much in my mouth, but it's to late to cry over spilled milk...I am trying to find out what I can do to correct the Surgeon & dentist mistakes!!!!!

my teeth look like fingernails
by: Anonymous

I got a full set of dental implants. it was a year long process in which much pain was endured. first I got dentures, then screws in my mouth, then ceramic covers, and then these misaligned and the teeth are 2 inches long from the fake looking gum attached to them.

I told my dentist how un-pleased i was and i look like my teeth are too long and set back in too far. He said i would get used to them, I paid 70,000.00 to this man and he says i will get used to them?

I don't know if I have any choices if he just refuses to please me. I am so sad at this new ugly look I have been given.I am 52 and look about 70 now. these were a gift from a relative and they are gross.

Implants not line up with upper teeths
by: Anonymous

Just got two implants and they did not line up with the upper teeths, what would be the good solution to correct them please

Dental Implants gone bad
by: Anonymous

I had a bridge installed over 15 years ago. Last summer the bridge broke (it was attached to 2 teeth)while I was eating a piece of bread.
I went to my local Dentist who I had been seeing for about 2 years. He took a mold and I had a flipper made for my Upper 3 teeth (8,9,10).
I went to an Oral Surgery Office that my Dentist recommended. The cost to have what was left of the 2 teeth removes and implants placed was over $6000.00. Well one of the implants did not take and I had to have a bone graft, and then let it heal and then have a new implant put in.
I am now almost 14 month's into this ordeal and I find out that the implant that was put in twice is slanted backwards and away from the nearest tooth. It makes impossible to make the new bridge fit properly. The teeth slant towards the front of the mouth and leaves a gap at the gum line.
My new Dentist spent several hours trying to get it to work with results that did not satisfy him.

suggestion NEW
by: Anonymous

I Got mine done over 28 years ago by Dr Gary Howell at the Plaza Dental
here in Erie Pa.And he and his team did an excellent Job I don't know if he is still in practice but I do know they are definitely the place to go for permanent implants!Plaza Dental Associates 702 West 34th Street | Erie, Pennsylvania 16508. Tel: ( 814) 868-5411 | Fax: (814) 866-2105. Office Hours - call for appointment times ...

Implant broke off NEW
by: Sarah

So I got an implant in 2010. I paid thousands of dollars out of pocket and my insurance covered the rest. Recently the implant completely broke off leaving the screw down in my jaw. I went to an Oral surgeon who had to drill out the screw and then chip away at the metal that had fused with the screw. It was a piece of the abutment that fractured. He has referred me to a specialist but I have spent so much money on a product I was promised would last for "at least 20 years" I want my money back...Someone has GOT to be accountable for this. I'm in a lot of pain, which everyone is telling me shouldn't be there?'s there anyway and I'm miserable.

reply NEW
by: Nanny

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Get it done Fast!! NEW
by: Jenna Harris

There are a lot of events where the dental implants have gone so wrong. This is mainly because of the original orkopina implants being out of size. I don’t think that these implants can be re used. Try to get a new one now.

by: Anonymous

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Avery NEW
by: Anonymous

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Huge Lump on my cheek NEW
by: Anonymous

I had implants done approximately 8 years ago. Due to Chemotherapy a huge amount of bone loss occurred causing them to fail.

Had them removed, bone graft and the implants replaced by a facial trauma, DDS, MD using a scan guide. This is now going on two years. One implant fell out about 3 months ago, he replaced that one at no charge. Then a hard mass appears and swole up due to a supposed infection. Had to cut open, irrigate and sew back up. Now I have developed a huge mass (looks like I have a golf ball in my cheek on the side of my face and can't even smile properly. Went back last week and now I am being told its possibly the tip of the implant? I was not aware that the installation of implants might distort my face. Had I been informed of this I would have gone without teeth, as they can't be seen if you cant smile anyway. "I don't know what it is, everything looks good inside as well as the sinus". Go ahead and see the dentist for a fitting for actual teeth and he will check it one last time (tomorrow. The lump is as big as ever and I will have them removed if this is the way I will look going forward. Has anyone run across this? If so what is it and will it go away or will it need to be removed.

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