Dental problems because blowing my nose?

by Nancy Halpin
(New York)

Does this sound right - Dental problems because blowing my nose?

I had a sinus lift last month. I had implants done on the left side of my mouth and my dentist was able to just put the implants in. The right side, years later, has required a substantial sinus lift. It was a procedure that took almost two hours and my dentist called in an additional staff member to help out during the procedure.

Initial healing was fine, stitches fell out.

I have had these intermittent pains since then. I am afraid that in the morning I may have lightly blown my nose and caused a problem. Would light blowing do that?

The pain is more an aching deep inside. Last night I had pain in a crown three teeth in on the other side. I felt the pain every time I touched it with my tongue. This morning it is gone. Also I have developed a clicking in my jaw on the same side as the implant- also intermittent.

Should I go back to my dentist? Is she keeping something from me?

Would a light blowing of my nose have caused these dental problems?

Thank you.

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Blowing Nose
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Nancy,

Accidentally lightly blowing your nose is not going to cause such generalized pain and conditions that you're explaining. Remember that you do need at least 2 weeks healing time before expecting no symptoms. You mentioned this was last month and that your tooth hurt when you touched it. This sounds more like a tooth problem, but the dull ache deep into your mouth sounds like a sinus issue. Make sure you are following homecare instructions adequately and see your specialist for a follow up. It sounds like you could possibly have an infection that requires antibiotic therapy to help clear up. If your specialist doesn't give you the information or answer that you're looking for, then I recommend a 2nd opinion with another specialist. Many times insurance companies will pay for a second opinion at no charge. Otherwise if you've always felt comfortable with your dentist up to this point, it doesn't sound like anything you should be suspicious about. Sinus surgery is major stuff, so it is much more involved than a small filling would be.

As far as your jaw popping, the joint may have been strained a bit during the long surgical procedure. The jaw can also click when your occlusion (bite) has changed and it is adjusting. If you are not having pain or your jaw is not getting stuck into a position that it cannot come out of, then you have no reason to be alarmed.

by: Garry

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You should have called your doctor right after sensing pain for the first time. However, you should now contact your dentist and inform him about the discomforts you are facing right now. Now most of the medication and devices could be found online, if you need a clinic that offers NJ Hearing Aids, you can access that online in a jiffy.

To find out the real reason NEW
by: Morris

To find out the real reason of your pain you have to immediately consult a dentist. Perhaps you should contact the dentist who did the implant last time. However, for all your health complications you should consult with a doctor. If you are feeling Sciatic pain then you should consult with a good orthopedic.

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