If you think traveling abroad to receive dental work will save you money, well, often times it won't. The Canadian Dental Association along with broadcasting company Global TV Canada warns against such trips. Main reason is it often results in shoddy dental work.

The reason implants and dental work is cheaper is because dentist such as in Mexico do not have to purchase malpractice insurance and malpractice law suits by foreign patients are difficult to pursue in the Mexican court system.
Global television featured a Cancun Cosmetic dentist who specializes in implants.

Think before embarking on a dental tourism adventure. Cheaper doesn't always mean better.


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Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry
by: Anonymous

So glad you posted this information. I thought of going but just as I was learning about these dental trips I watched the news clips. It was the same dentist I was going to choose. So glad I didn't do it. I also found out the clinic does not hold the memberships it said it did nor the dental accreditation's advertised. One person had twelve of their implants fail.

Thanks for sharing this news.

But as a footnote I don't think all foreign dentists are bad but the dental tourism providers don't seem to be able to assist you if something goes wrong as it so often does.

Test NEW
by: Anonymous


I agree with your point outward NEW
by: Y8Y8

I agree with your point outward certainly no guarantee that it will be better in the country.

Nice info NEW
by: Seven

I have heard such issues in gulf countries. In Arabian countries the dental implant is very costly so that they will go to beverly diamonds complaints Asian country especially to India. Once they complete the treatment they will go back to their country.

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by: Morris

You should never try out any such thing, your health is precious and you should not take any chances with it. You should only choose the most experienced and reputed healthcare center. If you need cosmetic dentistry in Columbus, you should approach the clinic of Dr. Jeffrey P. Santilli, DDS.

dental treatment NEW
by: patinson

If you are planning on getting dental implants or some other kind of dental treatment then you should approach a good dental clinic. You should never take any chance with your health just to save some money. It would affect you in the long run.

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