Dental Implant Company

Dental Implant Company

Reconstructive dentistry is a critical part of modern dental care. It is well-known that gum disease and tooth decay lead to many other health issues, and there are several major dental implant companies dedicated to providing high-quality dental implant products that make aesthetic and reconstructive procedures remarkably successful and which are able to greatly improve the lives of the patients.

Nobel Biocare the market leading dental implant company is a global producer of innovative dental implants, crowns and bridges. It is headquartered in Sweden, with corporate offices around the world. They label themselves a “one stop shop for restorative aesthetic dentistry”, and can do so because they are one of the few companies offering a fully integrated line of bridges, crowns and implants covering every of advanced tooth reconstruction.

Nobel Biocare makes their products available to dental specialists, general practitioners and dental technicians around the world, and is considered among the top five dental implant companies.

Another industry leader is the 3i dental implant company (Implant Innovations, Inc.) which was founded in 1987 and operates on a mission to be “better for your patients and your practice”. In order to achieve their goals as a global leader of the oral reconstruction marketplace, the group is constantly working to understand the needs of its customers. They do this by offering one of the most comprehensive lines of dental implants and abutments, as well as site preparation and regenerative products.

They are headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with additional corporate offices around the world. They emphasize strong customer service and laboratory and educational work as well.

The Straumann Group, a Basel, Switzerland based leader of implant and restorative dentistry and oral tissue regeneration products works on the premise of “simply doing more”. Having become one of the most influential d.implant companies in their field, they are continuing their efforts to do more to further the capabilities of dental regeneration and restoration techniques, as well as conducting studies in more efficient patient care.

The company’s simplified goal is to “deliver superior solutions that enable dental professionals to provide the best possible care to patients”. They do this through their line of products designed to meet the requirements of reliability, simplicity and versatility. This means they are working to create products and techniques that foster “optimal tissue response”, reduced healing or recovery time, easier to learn procedures, guaranteed success and a nice range of options for both doctors and their patients.

There are many other dental implant companies working to create better solutions for dental practitioners, and all of them have better health for patients as their overall goal.

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