How much does a dental implant cost ???

Dental implant cost varies any where from $2000 to $4500 - for a single restored tooth supported by a dental implant!! But the price can increase significantly in cases where additional procedures are needed (bone graft or sinus lift).

The average cost for dental implant dentures is around $9000 - $14000 - This price can be reduced by 30% by using mini dental implants instead. IF you got implants cheaper than that - Please tell us how!

The dental implant cost is made up of the following factors :
Material – The dental implants and the restored part:the actual dental implant price and the cost of making the artificial tooth on top of it. Most major dental implant companies have implants in the same price range - so there's not much price variation.

wallet Imaging – X-rays or C.T's:the latter being a more modern, accurate and expensive alternative.

Laboratory – the cost of producing the final tooth (crown) which is shaped and built.

Patient's physical condition – age , oral hygiene, jaw bone anatomy – these factors may determine if additional treatments are needed or not.

Expertise/labor - the price paid for time spent treating the patient and paying for the dentists expertise and knowledge.

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All the above factors are pretty standard in pricing and there aren't too many price variations with the exception of expertise/labor – the price paid for the dentist's time and knowledge!! This factor has the widest range and determines dental implant prices.

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Since a dental implant procedure involves a few stages of surgery and restoration, the time and expertise involved are pretty costly. Even though prices are high you can still find a cheap dental implant by using these tips/ideas .

When searching the internet you can some times find banners of free dental implants.

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If you where able to get dental implants for less than 2000$ an implant - please tell us how!

The readers would appreciate the name place or any possible details of the place you got them (If you don't mind - of course).

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