Dental Implants Course Video

Surgery on a model

This dental implants course video was filmed in the dental implant training center for educational purposes. The dental implant video shows the suggested sequence and technique to be used when placing an MIS Seven-style internal hex dental implant, length of 11.5mm, diameter of 3.75mm.

The tools that where used: 2.0mm drill stopper kit, MIS surgical kit, and WH motor and hand piece.

The sequence in the video:
Drilling - Marking drill, 2MM drill with a stopper, 2.8MM drill, Final drill(included in implant box).
Placing the implant - using a ratchet wrench to hold the implant with the fixture mount, inserting the implant, tightening the implant down to desired height, removal of the fixture mount.
Finish - covering the implant with a cover screw.

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